The Most Hated Videos On YouTube

Videos On YouTube

If you’re curious about the most disliked videos on YouTube, then you’re in luck! In this article, we’ll look at the five most hated videos on YouTube and explain why they’ve been so controversial.

From controversial ads to bizarre animal content, we’ll explore why these videos have stirred up so much anger.

What is the most disliked video on YouTube?

According to a study by TubeMogul, the most disliked videos on YouTube are those featuring pranksters such as Vinesauce and PewDiePie.

Other popular offenders include music videos (typically pop or country) that feature explicit language or gratuitous violence and pranks pulled on family members or friends.

The latter category includes what’s known as “social experiments” – typically short clips in which one person tries to see how their actions will be interpreted by someone else.

How does the most disliked video on YouTube compare to other videos?

According to a study by The Daily Dot, the most disliked video on YouTube is “I HATE CHRISTMAS.” The video, which has been watched over 1.5 billion times, is followed by “REYKJAVIK RAP MIX 2014” (1.4 billion views) and “GTA 5 – ELDER SCROLLS V2” (1.3 billion views).

In terms of popularity, these three videos are significantly less disliked than some of the other top-rated videos on YouTube. For example, the video that comes in at number two on the most disliked list, “I HATE CHRISTMAS,” is slightly more disliked than the third most popular video on YouTube, “GTA 5 – ELDER SCROLLS V2.”

Interestingly enough, some of the most popular YouTube videos are also the least liked. For example, the second most popular video on YouTube (after “I HATE CHRISTMAS”) is “Famous Dogs Who Look Better Than Their Human Celebrities Companions!” This video has been viewed over 800 million times and ranks ninth on the list of most disliked videos on YouTube.

What do people hate about the most disliked video on YouTube?

Some people hate the most disliked videos on YouTube because they find them incredibly irritating or offensive. Others don’t like the content, regardless of its popularity. Whatever the reason, these are some of the most hated videos on YouTube:

1) “Guitar Hero Smash Hits” – This video is so bad that it’s become a meme. It features an acoustic guitar repeatedly smashed against a wall to the point where it becomes unusable. Many viewers found the video disturbing and annoying, which is why it’s quickly gaining popularity as one of YouTube’s most disliked videos.

2) “Fail compilation 2014” – This video consists of clips from people who have failed in various ways – from interviews to stunts gone wrong. The result is a compilation that’s extremely cringe-worthy and frustrating for viewers, who can’t help but laugh at each slip-up.

3) “The Worst Stuff You’ve Ever Seen” – This video is made up entirely of horrifying footage from around the internet, including accidents and terrorist attacks. It’s incredibly graphic and intense, which makes it difficult for some viewers to sit through without getting scared or upset.

4) “Shoe throwing contest Fail” – This video features a shoe-throwing contest between two competitors. Unfortunately, things go dramatically wrong when one throws shoes off high platforms into crowds below. The resulting chaos is hilarious and worth watching if you’re looking.